About project

Opened: June 2017

Client: Luxio Collection Ltd

Activity: Media and Digital contents about Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment

BeachLife is a seasonal magazine (twice per year printed) of tourism, culture and leisure dedicated to our affiliated touristic destinations. The magazine serves as a reference point for major attractions and info at destinations, the most popular things to do and all the general information that every traveler is eager to know for their trip.


The project was conceived to create a free platform and make the traveler aware of real information and of serious help towards the destination.

  • In-depth study of the tourism sector
  • Public relations at the highest level with hotels, airlines, DMCs and tourist guides
  • Sample survey in 3 countries
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Forecast of the necessary budget
  • Raising the necessary funds for the implementation of the project on a local and then international scale
  • Collection of post-sales information
  • Closing the project and starting the Start-Up cycle


Registered in Italian Court and Online ready to start

  • Online and Printed (twice per year)
  • 1 Editor Director
  • 4 Freelance journalists


Perfect place where to host advertisements of local and international businesses. 32 pages of interesting information and curiosities.