About project

Opened: May 2018

Client: Owned by 100%

Activity: Hospitality Education and Staging

Luxio Academy offers young people from all over Europe the opportunity to participate and learn all aspects of international hospitality. These students will be able to choose the country where to spend their staging period in high realities and improve their skills as: Front Office, Guest Relation, Hotel Sales, Reception, Reservation, Entertainment, Events, Meeting Coordination, Chef, F&B, Back Office, Marketing, Management, and more.


After many requests from both sides, management and workforce, we have finally created the perfect machine to combine the who and how.

  • In-depth study of the Hospitality sector
  • Public relations at the highest level with hotel, DMCs and Tour Operator
  • Survey in 2 countries
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Forecast of the necessary budget
  • Raising the necessary funds for the implementation of the project on a local and then international scale
  • Agreements with the highest Colleges in Europe
  • Collection of post-sales information
  • Closing the project and starting the Start-Up cycle


The feedback is extremely good and the project is about to start.

  • Starting on: September 2021
  • Partners: Confidential
  • Schools involved: Confidential


This is the perfect opportunity to build a real connection between students and the life of hospitality industry. Often inside the school the student is not able to realize exactly what the world of work is like. With Luxio Academy they can try it without creating that break between the end of studies and real life at work with goals to be achieved and stress to manage.