About Project

Opened: Sep 2019

Client: Owned by 75%

Activity: NightLife Incentives Program in Egypt, U.A.E., Ukraine, Italy, Romania

Sin City Tribe is a Membership based private club who organize and manages special groups with one common goal: partying! They choose the country, the city and the venue and plan all aspects of the logistics of the private event. From the organization of the place, to the involvement of the DMC, the airlines and the major players in beverage and music.


With the help of the major hospitality and nightlife brands from 5 countries we have moved:

  • In-depth study of the NightLife sector
  • Public relations at the highest level with hotels, airlines, DMCs and tourist guides
  • Sample survey in 5 countries
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Forecast of the necessary budget
  • Raising the necessary funds for the implementation of the project on a local and then international scale
  • Collection of post-sales information
  • Closing the project and starting the Start-Up cycle


The project is ready to Start

  • Starting on: July 2021
  • Partners:


We have observed for years with the help and experience of the most important people in the sector to develop the iter of both logistical and creative processes, to lead to the concrete creation of a special club for music and travel lovers.