About project

1st Edition: ROME, ITALY 9-10-11 April 2021

2nd Edition: DUBAI, UAE 22-23-24 April 2021

Client: Owned by 100%

Subject: Conference & Trade Show, Gran Gala, Fashion & Tourism Incentive Program, Luxury trade

The event, structured in two areas of action with an absolutely exclusive Gran Gala Event which will host Elite personalities as Ambassadors, International Ministers, characters from Cinema, entertainment and a fashion show with 4 Top Fashion Brands that will present their latest creations with worldwide broadcasting (Europe, Asia, Americas and Oceania) on the SKY channel “Fashion TV”.


An extraordinary opportunity that unites product sectors in the common denominator of culture: fashion, tourism and all their collateral galaxy, broaden their respective horizons in an international event that aims to offer the market an extraordinary opportunity to meet, relate, share.

  • In-depth study of the luxury goods sector
  • Analysis of the competitors and differences
  • Analysis of the benefits of the event
  • Cost analysis of the event and the trade show
  • Public relations at the highest level with embassies, governments and luxury brands
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Forecast of the necessary budget and supervision of the venue
  • Raising the necessary funds for the implementation of the project on a local and then international scale
  • Underlines the Official and Major Sponsorships
  • Starting the preparation


The event will take place on the dates as programmed

  • VIP Guests: 300
  • Countries involved: 21
  • Luxury Partners: 9
  • Hospitality Partners: 27
  • Main Partners: Waldorf Astoria Rome, Fashion TV


Reserved, comfortable and interactive atmosphere. The perfect environment, in a privileged context and with carefully selected guests, in which new opportunities for growth can flourish.  An extraordinary showcase with guests of great prestige.