About project

Opened: Apr 2018

Client: Owned by 100%

Activity: Booking Platform, Membership Based, Hospitality Management, Hotel & Resort Publishing, Compatible Market’s Partners

Luxio Collection is a members based booking platform offering real hotel rates and travels benefits. Before to acquire a property, Luxio Collection, checks all the aspects of the hotel/resort: quality, services, rates, rooms, F&B, etc… After an extensive quality report, the hotel is accepted and than offered to its members at the best rates available without fees and commissions.


After years of experience in hospitality management and accurate management of client’s complaint, we decided to open this special booking platform.

  • In-depth study of the tourism sector
  • Analysis of the online competitors
  • Analysis of the real benefits of the standard tour operators
  • Cost analysis of the online booking for flights companies
  • Public relations at the highest level with hotels, airlines, DMCs and available partners
  • Sample survey in 10 countries
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Forecast of the necessary budget
  • Raising the necessary funds for the implementation of the project on a local and then international scale
  • Collection of post-sales information
  • Closing the project and starting the Start-Up cycle


The clients feedback was in-line with the expectations. The company was established in 2019 and registered in England and Wales under the SIC Tour Operators of UK.

  • 1st Year with almost 2 Million USD incoming (Dun & Bradstreet Financial Data)
  • Covering 12 Countries (23/12/2020)
  • 15 Employees


The company is healthy and fast growing up.